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Looking for engineers that work with React, Vue, Python, Asp.Net and more? Find the best talent available for your team. 

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At RügerTek, we can help you find all types of software development roles and levels. Using our ready-to-work team and network of software professionals, we find the best fit for your needs.

When a company is ready for staff augmentation, it's a big deal. Staff augmentation is the process a company goes through in identifying what skills would best compliment their team and then hiring professionals with those skills through an outsourcing agency. Hired professionals would be managed by our clients as extensions of the in-house team. Our clients only need to worry choosing the best fit professional and we handle finding candidates, hiring, payroll, healthcare, training and other associated costs.

Our Process


Meet with a consultant to understand your needs.


Choose from candidates chosen by our tech. team.


Decide which candidate or candidates work for you.


Have your skilled talent producing quickly.

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