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A software development team of carefully selected professionals that work on what your organization decides.

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We build a team of professionals specifically for your project, taking into account the required skills and roles needed.


No technical experience is required to having your own development team. Our project managers take care of translating your business needs into a finished project.


Our teams are fully agile, making sure to use the latest practices for successful software delivery. We work on what you decide.


Your team can grow and shrink month-by-month based on your needs. If a project gets finished early, scale down your team. If a project needs more manpower, grow your team.

Our process

Our years of experience in software development have helped us learn how to make teams and build software projects. We have learned from the bumps along the way so that you don't have to. 


Let us know what you need the team for. Different types of software projects require different skillsets.


Together, we will analyze your necessities, match professionals and create a development plan based on your specific needs.


Choose the development plan and team that best suits your project and budget. 


Start building your project with a custom-made development team.

Our dedicated development teams provide value to

  • Entrepreneurs / Startups looking to build the next great mobile application or online platform
  • Companies that want a software team without the commitment and effort required in hiring, training, payroll, etc.
  • Companies that don't want to grow their in-house team for a specific project
  • Companies that don't have technical leadership but want to build / maintain software
  • Companies that have software and need to add new features or change current features
  • Entrepreneurs / Startups that have an idea of what they want but don't have all the details regarding requirements, UX/UI, planning
  • Teams that have started building a software product and need to finish

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Frequently asked questions

A dedicated development team comes with a project manager that is in charge of the team. Clients can choose how involved they want to be with the process. The minimum required commitment that a client needs to make for a successful project is to take part in review + planning meeting at the end of every week. If clients want to be really involved, they can participate in sprint planning meetings, sprint reviews, retrospectives, daily meetings and more. Projects in early stages tend to require more work from clients as features need to be defined.

We use the agile methodology for effective software delivery. Its a great tool for continuous software delivery.


The first thing required is to break down the project into a backlog, or a set of requirements, tasks, and user stories. 

Sprint Planning

The team will meet before starting a sprint and determine the objective of the next sprint. In the planning meeting, the team will collectively choose tasks to work on from the backlog, taking responsibility for finishing by the end of the sprint.

Daily Meetings

Every day during the sprint (except the day of the sprint planning and the day of the sprint review), the team will meet briefly for 15 minutes. This is an opportunity to voice concerns or ask for help. The whole team is responsible for the success of a sprint. Sometimes, other tasks come up that were not planned. Those items, if not urgent, go to the backlog as to not affect the current sprint.

Sprint Review

In the sprint review meeting, the team goes through the work that has been completed.

Sprint Retrospective

In the sprint retrospective, we get anonymous feedback from the team members regarding their experience in the sprint. Team members suggest what could be improved, point out where something went wrong, and comment anything they would like.

Backlog grooming

As tasks are endlessly added to a backlog, especially for software that is being actively used and updated, backlog grooming has to be done frequently as to prioritize work on the platform. Additionally, removing tasks that are no longer necessary or even duplicates.


Start the next sprint with a sprint planning meeting and go through the steps again.

Core members of the team, like programmers and project managers, remain the same unless there is a reason for changing them like a performance or behavioral issue. Members that may vary, although not necessarily, are specialists that are brought on to the team for a limited duration, like an artificial intelligence expert that only needs to develop one feature with the team.

As the amount and type of work changes on a project, so do the members required. Teams will always have a same project manager and one or more full time programmers. Teams can easily add specific roles depending on need. For example, at the beginning of a software project, the UX/UI must be designed. In this case a UX/UI designer can be added to the team for limited duration. Teams can also scale up in case more work needs to be done in a shorter period of time.

Can a team scale up and down?

Teams can scale up and down as required by their project. If a team has urgent work, resources can be added temporarily. If workload is reduced, the team can be reduced in size. If a resource is no longer necessary or additional resources are required, talk to your account manager and we will help make any necessary accommodations.