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Our qualified software professionals working in your team.

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Best Talent

We have the best talent for your team, whether your are looking for a senior or junior, or a specific tech stack.


We take care of hiring, training, payroll processes and benefits so all you have to worry about is building your project.


We will set up interviews for you with qualifying candidates at no cost and with no commitment.

How it works

Staff augmentation is a process that starts with the idea that your team requires additional skill sets to execute a project. Our experience in software development and staff augmentation has enabled us to optimize our hiring, training, payroll, and employee benefits, so your organization can focus on getting the job done.


Talk to us and let us know exactly what you are looking for. If you're not sure, we'll help you.


We will send over different profiles for your team to evaluate. Choose which candidates you like and we will arrange interviews.


Set a start date and have your software professional working productively on your team.

We provide the most value to teams and entrepreneurs that

  • are looking for a specific type of programmer and don't have spend time and resource on looking for the programmer
  • want to reduce risk the risk of a mishire through our two-week money back guarantee, where we also will let you try another candidate
  • are looking to build a project and just want to focus on the project and not on finding human resources
  • want to make sure their professionals are being taken care of through great employee benefits, allowing longer retention

Start now, risk-free

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Frequently asked questions

We have all types of talent immediately available from our in-house development team. In case we don't have a resource immediately available, we will initiate a one to two week recruiting process.

Examples of specific talents we have experience with are:

  • Front-end developers: React, Flutter, Vue, Angular, and more
  • Back-end developers: Asp.Net, Laravel, Express, Nest, and more
  • Cloud engineers: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Service, AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean
  • Project Managers: Agile, Agile Scrum
  • UX/UI: Figma, Adobe xD, and more

In certain cases, talent can start immediately if there is availability. If the profile being looked for is very specific or is not available, the recruiting and  selection process could take about 10 business days with an additional 2 to 4 week period for the professional to be released from previous responsibilities once confirmed.

Do the professionals speak english?

Yes, our professionals speak english. In order to add value for our clients as well as our professionals, we provide complementary english classes twice a week. This allows for better communication in Agile environments and helps professionals grow as individuals.